Death Wish Box

The party card game you’re dying to win

A 2-8 player party card game where racing your friends to contract icky diseases is your course to victory – Will you lose or die?

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“More sophisticated than CAH, lots of laughs and certainly lots of personality”Edo's Game Reviews
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“Light, casual and fun. Get the most diseases, become the sickest person, you’ll win!”Bearded Meeple
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“Really easy to learn, dead easy to play and the artwork is fantastic”Breacher18


Become afflicted

How did you catch your disease? Drink from a toilet, lick an armpit or even kiss a zombie with nasty afflicter cards!

Afflicter Cards
Disease Cards


Contract diseases

Contract as many weird and wonderful disease cards as possible, all with varying levels of raritydamage and silliness!


Gain symptoms

Collect an array of symptom cards throughout the game ranging from a mild runny nose to liver failure!

Symptom Cards
Share Your Diagnosis

Share Your Diagnosis

Share diagnosis

Share out loud what you caught, how you caught it and your terrible symptoms to the group; the combinations are vast!


and I've caught

and I'm suffering from .


Suffer outbreaks

Puke on a friend, spread an STI or even difib’ someone back to life! Creative outbreak cards designed to mess with your game.

Outbreak Cards
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