Death Wish is live on Kickstarter!

Death Wish live on Kickstarter

I’m pleased to confirm that Death Wish is now live and available for backing on Kickstarter! You can visit the live campaign using the below link.

Kickstarter link:

The campaign offers 4 reward levels, the first is a £1+ pledge level to support the game, the second is a full copy of the game (£20). The third is a Kickstarter exclusive level, offering a custom named disease card (£25) and the final pledge level is for two copies of the game at a discounted price (£36). All copies of the game come with any unlocked stretch goal content. I am also debating a retail level pledge after requests from backers.

It’s been a good week of late nights and strong coffee in-between my full-time job to make sure every last detail of the campaign is bang on. This morning I finally hit the launch button after making the final touches, it was a very strange thing to do after a 15 month ongoing project.

The first day

The health of the campaign has been very good at the moment so fingers crossed. My friends and family have been very generous with helping support the project which is critical at this stage of the campaign. Not only that but the soft launch also proved to bring in a good amount of community pledges which is great.

So, I hope you guys enjoy the campaign and it’s something you would like to support! Here’s to a month of sharing and getting the word out, wish me luck!

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