The blog is alive and the game is dying…

Hi Folks, welcome to the Death Wish blog! From here, I’m going to be providing you updates on my progress with the game towards my goal of getting this on Kickstarter. Many of these posts have been back dated as I have only just managed to get this online.

About me

Jason HibbertSo a little about me, I’m Jason Hibbert and the creator of Death Wish, a party card game about killing yourself with friends. It’s a little life ambition of mine to create a game and I thought it was about time I got off my backside and started a project in my free time. My background is primarily in Web Design and I work full-time for an agency in Nottingham, UK. I’ve been doing Web Design for the last 6 or so years so I figured that now was about time to take the skills I have learnt and apply it to my main interests, gaming! Having a full-time job is also a bonus as it means that I a have the stability while I work on this in my free time.

A game about dying?

The idea for this particular game hit me while I was sitting on the bus home. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why, but it did. Primarily, it was the concept of switching up “winning” with “losing”, being the first player to pop your clogs. Secondly it was the integration of contracting diseases in order to reach your goal. I figured that this would be a unique and interesting approach for the theme and hopefully make it stand out from the crowd. Admittedly, the theme came first which isn’t the standard way of working, however I was excited to play with some ideas. I sat in front of my computer with pure excitement running through me and began to flesh out some mechanics and rules.

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