Death Wish is now available to buy on Amazon

Buy Death Wish on Amazon

Hey Everyone, Death Wish is now available from Amazon! Now your friends and family can grab a copy of the game and NSFW add-on while the Kickstarter version is still available. Death Wish: | NSFW Add-on: | Please leave a review! The project has been a labour of love for the past 2 years so being … Read More

Death Wish funded on Kickstarter!

Death Wish Fully Funded

This is a very exciting announcement, Death Wish is now fully funded on Kickstarter for £21,248! Not only did it reach funding, we unlocked all stretch goals and over doubled our funding goal (over 210% funded). I’m absolutely stoked at the response the project has received over the course of the 35 day campaign. It really has been a roller coaster … Read More

Death Wish is live on Kickstarter!

Death Wish live on Kickstarter

I’m pleased to confirm that Death Wish is now live and available for backing on Kickstarter! You can visit the live campaign using the below link. Kickstarter link: The campaign offers 4 reward levels, the first is a £1+ pledge level to support the game, the second is a full copy of the game (£20). The third is a … Read More

New Death Wish t-shirts and UKGE freebies

Death Wish

In the run up to the UK Games Expo 2016, I figured it would be fun to get hold of some Death Wish branded merchandise to help look the part. I’ve manage to procure some printed t-shirts (back and front) as well as some promotional cards and badges to hand out. I’ll be attending on Saturday 4th June and I’ll … Read More

Death Wish is launching on the 1st June!

Death Wish 1st June

It’s official, Death Wish will be launching on Kickstarter on the 1st June. We’ve reached the final stages with receiving our game reviews, we’ll soon be ready to put this concept in front of the community and see if it’s something they would like to be part of. The review copies were posted to various game reviewers and we’ve been receiving some great … Read More

The review prototypes have landed!


Recently I have been working closely with my Marketing friend, Chris McCormick. Together we have been outreaching to the reviewing community to see if we can gain some interest for reviewing the game. This has involved creating a shared spreadsheet and recording every response we have sent and received, specifically highlighting the reviewers who have agreed to a review. As … Read More

Filming my dead friends for Kickstarter

Kickstarter Video Shoot

Kickstarter video shoot Another exciting update here, this time it’s about the Death Wish Kickstarter video! I have been working closely with Alasdair Purkis (professional photographer and video guy at Adtrak) who has directed, filmed and edited the video. It started with us both bouncing across some ideas, some of which involved a news flash or an autopsy but we agreed on the idea of … Read More

Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting

Playtesting Death Wish

Updates So it’s been a few months since my last post but I have plenty to update about. As you are likely aware, the new website is now live complete with an online “how to play” and free 3-5 player print and play, check them out if you haven’t already! Death Wish has been progressing in leaps and bounds since my … Read More