Death Wish (A.K.A. me) got a birthday cake!

Amongst all the great things that happened on my birthday recently, the least expected was receiving this fantastic Death Wish branded birthday cake from my colleagues at work! I must say, I was pretty stoked when this was placed in front of me! I’ll be honest, I felt pretty bad cutting into it but I made sure it got a decent amount of … Read More

How did Death Wish fare at the Expo? Well, pretty good!

The Games Expo was exhausting but I must say the feedback and compliments I received were very positive and motivating. It was initially tricky to explain my own rules (that I created!) within the short space of a minute but after a few sessions it was rolling off the tongue! It was splendid to have the opportunity to showcase the game to some more experienced gamers. One … Read More

Well, I’m ready for the UK Games Expo!

That’s it, the playtest prototype is printed and they’re in neat little plastic sleeves, I’m all set for the UK Games Expo in Birmingham tomorrow! If you happen to be attending, as mentioned my slot will be on Saturday 30th May 2-5pm, I will be with my partner wearing some printed t-shirts. I’ll be taking plenty of photos on the … Read More

I’m at the UK Games Expo 2015 in Birmingham, come and play Death Wish!

So I have been in communications with Rob Harris who coordinates Playtest UK who have a section at the Games Expo this year. I’ve discussed with him about my prototype and he’s offered me a dedicated table to prototype my game. Playtest slot: Saturday 30th May 2-5pm So if you fancy playing the prototype or just feel like saying hello, keep an eye out … Read More

My second prototype using Magic The Gathering Set Editor

So now I had the card ratios determined, I really wanted to add some flesh to the bones of my game. To really get a feel for the theme and feel, I decided to work on a second prototype. This required a bit of research on the available tools that were fit for the job. I came across a few … Read More

So, how did this all start? My first prototype

I created some rough rules that involved matching up symptoms to collect disease cards. I felt ready to get my teeth stuck into creating a prototype and begin play testing. Four requirements for my first prototype: Some blank cards (ordered from Amazon) Coloured pens A feedback notebook Someone to play test with I worked up a very basic mechanic as I didn’t want … Read More

The blog is alive and the game is dying…

Hi Folks, welcome to the Death Wish blog! From here, I’m going to be providing you updates on my progress with the game towards my goal of getting this on Kickstarter. Many of these posts have been back dated as I have only just managed to get this online. About me So a little about me, I’m Jason Hibbert and … Read More